It stopped snowing!

Well, it stopped snowing in time for us to go home. Sunday it started melting, and now it's freezing cold again. This of course turns everything into an ice rink. Gotta love a MN spring.

I had a wonderful time at Brennan's conference. It was good to get out of the sweatsuit for a few days, and wear shoes instead of slippers. I got to see several of my customers, which was good. We also got to eat dinner at Rossi's steakhouse. Wow. Wonderful food. But as another wife said later, "How would you ever eat there without an expense account?" It's one of those places where they brought us a platter with all the cuts of meat on it, so we could choose. One of those places where the $35 steak doesn't come with any sides or soup or salad. It was definitely a fun experience though! I had the salmon, which was wonderful. Our dessert was a giant strawberry shortcake, which the 10 of us were only able to eat half of.

I picked up some fun freebies at the trade show -- a requirement from GrandmaCare. It was a good, relaxing time, and I feel like I came home refreshed to be mommy again.

Welcome to the world: Joseph Daniel Martinson, born March 5 at 10:47 pm. 8 lbs., 10 oz. later, mom & baby are reportedly doing well.

Arriving Friday (hopefully): Baby Girl (we think) Murphy. Amanda is set to go in at 6 am for inducing. Arriving the following Friday: Luke Michael (I think) McFarland. Molly is set to be induced March 16. It's baby mania.


Amy said...

Is that the second child for each of the siblings? Do you all have two now, including Lisa?

Yes, Baby Mania is right! My brother Justin and his wife Heather are expecting in September. I know very few people that do not have kids these days. Except of course, us.