It's over

Yesterday we had the "end of the year picnic" for Ella's preschool. I'm so grateful to them for not calling it "graduation." I'm weepy enough. I admitted to one of the other moms that I had been avoiding her, because I can count on her to be crying at any given moment and I didn't need any help.

It was nice and informal, and it was fun to see Ella singing along to her favorite songs. They showed a slideshow of the past year. And then the teacher talked about how much she was going to miss the kids who were going on to kindergarten (*sniff*).

Perhaps it was particularly in light of what happened to Steven Curtis Chapman's 5 year old Wednesday, but I just wanted to hug Ella a little tighter, and hold her a little closer. And keep her at home forever. Although I know that doesn't make her "safe" either.

So I will spend the summer preparing to let go enough for kindergarten. I can actually see the kindergarten rooms from my living room, and I will also work on my promise to not sit with binoculars in the window all day. Or I will work on my set up, and buy some new binoculars. We'll see.