How did this happen???

We moved into this house I don't remember how many years ago. Eight? It's a three bedroom rambler/ranch (depending on what area of the country you live in) and we had no children.

I wasn't even going to attempt to share a closet with Captain America. So I chose the biggest closet in the house, even though it wasn't in our bedroom. It was kind of like having a ginormous walk in closet. A dressing room, if you will. Then we had Ella. She moved into the last room, so it didn't matter. Her closet was enough for tiny baby clothes.

Then we had Natalie. She moved into my dressing room. And I gave her a fraction of the closet for her tiny baby clothes. And then she got bigger. And she turned into a clothes horse like her mother.

Many months ago, the girls decided they wanted to share a room. I was not about to argue, because I wanted office space. So they moved in together. Ella still refers to it as Natalie's room. It recently occurred to me how silly it was that I was sharing a closet with Natalie in their room, and Ella's clothes were in my office. On Saturday nights before I had to sing at church, I'd have to pick out clothes before they went to bed because I'd be gone by the time they woke up.

This past Saturday I swapped closet space with Ella, hoping it will make her feel more like that's her room too. Also looking forward to having 24 hr access to my closet. BUT NOW I HAVE THE SMALLEST CLOSET IN THE HOUSE.

But the most clothes.

And shoes.

It looked ok at first. But I've really only got half of my summer wardrobe in there. So today I made a spur of the moment trip to Target to find every tool possible to maximize the space. Picked up some of the fuzzy huggy hangers that supposedly take up less space than plastic. A 2 drawer closet thing to put on the floor. An over-the-door shoe hanger.

Now, I hope Captain America decides not to read my blog this week, because let me tell you something. That shoe hanger is full. And so is the floor still. I have 26 pairs of shoes in my closet. Even though I've packed away everything that is for winter (including heels that are tweed and all but one pair of heeled boots). Do you remember that I have only unpacked half of the summer wardrobe? There are still shoes to be unpacked. And this does not count the, at least, five pairs of shoes I have on the mat by the door.

So how, I ask you, did I end up with the smallest closet?

Notice I did not ask why I have all the shoes in the first place. I know that one.


tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Wow. I cannot imagine! Maybe a time for a teensy purge?

Kate said...

Umm Sarah? I know I lack all sense of fashion, have no shopping gene, and generally fail all "girl" tests but just give away some shoes already! I love you, but be practical; and think of it as an excuse to get some new ones at some point(within reason:)

Emily said...

what?! Katie and Tracey are nuts...there is no need for purge, or practicalness. no need at all.

what is needed is more storage. and a flip book of pictures of all your shoes,and where they are located.

you can just store shoes everywhere. under beds, closet shelves, garage, attic, trunk of car...or better yet...send them all to Dallas. and when you want to borrow them back from me, i'll fedex them. cause we are childless and i still occupy all 5 closets in our house. plenty-o-room here!

Libby Design said...

I laughed as I read this...not only do I have seriously like MAYBE 3 pairs of shoes I wear ALL YEAR, but my closet space takes up about 1/3 of our closet. Not just because I don't have much for a wardrobe, but mainly because my husband is a clothes addict (and shoes, too). If people opened up our closet and saw how many clothes he has they'd be appalled. It's really quite scary. But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell him I ratted him out - he's really sensitive about his clothes. :o)

Sarah Mae said...

Oh, I can relate. My husband and I share a closet - a very very very teeny tiny closet. Our kids have more space than we do!