10 years later

Oh my goodness, I did it -- I went to my reunion! It really wasn't bad. It was nice to see people and hear what everyone is up to these days. It was good to go back in time and see how much I've changed, and to see the same of a lot of other people. And it was really nice to see that the basic friendships are still there.

The reunion and a worship team devotion on Sunday really got me thinking about something though. I think lately I've been guilty of expecting my relationship with God to just happen. As if just because I want it to, it will magically take place. Like God is going to do all the work for me. But I don't expect any other relationship to be good without some work on my part. So this week I feel inspired & challenged to put a little effort in! I want to make a daily choice to spend time in God's word and in prayer. I also want to focus more on Jesus in an eternal way, and not get so wrapped up in the trivial day to day things.

I had a really amazing experience on Sunday when someone I didn't know told me that a song I'd sung a few weeks ago had really helped him through some things. It was "You are the Sun" by Sara Groves, which I had wanted to sing for a year, because it meant so much to me as well. I love the image of God being the Sun, and me being the moon -- that I can't shine on my own, but I only shine when I turn my face to Him. I just felt so incredibly blessed to have been allowed to play a tiny role in God's work, and I was thrilled to know that the song meant so much to someone else as well. Another confirmation that it's not about me, it's about letting God do what he'd like to do through me.


So far under the weather, we can't even see weather anymore.

About two weeks ago, Ella got this fine, sand-papery rash on her left side. So after a couple of days I took her in, after all, she was starting preschool and couldn't go with an undiagnosed rash. Ears looked good, throat looked good, but they decided to do a strep test anyway. Sure enough, she had strep. Apparently some kids get a rash with it. So Ella missed her first day of school. And of course we figured Natalie had it too, because she actually had more symptoms than Ella.

About a week into it, Ella's rash exploded and spread. She looked awful -- it looked like hives I think. So back to the doctor we went. It turns out the strep is infecting her blood vessels, and it surfaces to look like hives. I guess a few kids will get strep like that. There's really nothing you can do -- she's already on antibiotics. Benedryl doesn't work because there's no histamine involved.

The next day (Sunday) I woke up knowing I had strep as well. Swollen sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, fever of 101.3. I've had the 10 antibiotic pills before, and felt yucky the whole time I was on it. So the last time I did it, I vowed to get the shot next time. I wanted to be un-contagious as soon as I could, since the girls were about to come off of their antibiotics. So I got to go into the ER. Brennan had to run sound at church, my mom came over to watch the girls, and I headed in. I sat for quite a while, which was sort of nice in a way. I was the only one in the ER so it was incredibly quiet. The nurse took my stats, and my pulse was high. When I told her I could feel that it was, and it's not normal, she put me on a heart rate monitor. At one point, even after sitting for half an hour, my pulse reached 134 (which I'm told is rather high if you're at rest). So I got hooked up to the EKG monitor. The nurse told me a higher pulse was a sign that my body was trying to fight an infection (interesting). Eventually the doctor made it back to say that I could have a shot. Today I feel much better.

Natalie has gotten such a diaper rash that she screams "Ouchie" and cries if you even suggest changing her diaper. It was pretty bad yesterday, but seems to be a little better today.

In the meantime, Ella's splotches started spreading to her face. This morning she woke up to an eye that's half swollen shut. The poor child looks like some kind of text book photo of an awful, awful disease. She seems to feel pretty good, except a little itchy at times. She's not contagious. It should go away within about a week. But for now, she just looks terrible. Ella is missing her second of 3 days of preschool, and today was picture day. Everytime she catches me smiling at her she says "I will be okay, Mom." She's such a pro at the doctor's office now that she marches right in, heads for the scale, sits down to take her shoes off, and when we're done with the appointment she says to the doctor, "I'd like a sucker now."

Somehow Brennan seems to be making it through unscathed. But we're all tired and hopefully on the mend, so if you think of it, say a little prayer for us!


I cannot possibly have a preschooler

Tomorrow is Ella's preschool picnic. We are to bring a potluck item beginning with the letter E. Such as "Ella's Excellent Enchiladas." Very few potluck-able items seem to start with the letter E. I'm sure this is only the beginning of my preschooler mom challenges.

In any case, she starts school on Monday, and I don't see how this is possible. Since when could I have a child ready for preschool? I'm sure I will sit in the parking lot and cry. She's going to have a great time, but oh my goodness. Perhaps I will take the new laptop and set up office in the school parking lot. I'm sure stranger things have happened.

I think the scariest part, is this is the first time when our parenting can really be seen by someone else. Poor thing -- all of the sudden it's unacceptable to run out of the bathroom with your underwear and pants in hand. Sure, she's been growing up, but now it's going to go into hyperdrive.

Your prayers are appreciated. Oh, and for Ella too.