I cannot possibly have a preschooler

Tomorrow is Ella's preschool picnic. We are to bring a potluck item beginning with the letter E. Such as "Ella's Excellent Enchiladas." Very few potluck-able items seem to start with the letter E. I'm sure this is only the beginning of my preschooler mom challenges.

In any case, she starts school on Monday, and I don't see how this is possible. Since when could I have a child ready for preschool? I'm sure I will sit in the parking lot and cry. She's going to have a great time, but oh my goodness. Perhaps I will take the new laptop and set up office in the school parking lot. I'm sure stranger things have happened.

I think the scariest part, is this is the first time when our parenting can really be seen by someone else. Poor thing -- all of the sudden it's unacceptable to run out of the bathroom with your underwear and pants in hand. Sure, she's been growing up, but now it's going to go into hyperdrive.

Your prayers are appreciated. Oh, and for Ella too.


SouthernBelleWannaBe said...

All of a sudden homeschooling looks good, huh? It is wierd how everthing stays the same and then all of a sudden we look at our kids and they've added years and maturity...okay, maybe I'm still waiting for the maturity part, but you know what I mean.