Time to pitch in, marketing team!

Alright loyal readers (all 3 of you)! I need a campaign slogan for a Wisconsin health system that is implementing a smoke-free campus in November. The sample slogan is "We're clearing the air." They'd like something like "Smoke Free for Everyone's Health," only more catchy. I'm so swamped today that fresh, creative ideas are really nowhere to be found.


Amy said...

I like the sample slogan "We're clearing the air." Hmmm.... I'll have to think about it, but don't count on me for any good ideas.

Maybe I'll ask my husband. He writes headlines for a living.

Southern Belle Wanna Be said...

"Fresh air for YOU--Going Smoke Free in November"

So this is all part of the package of what you do, huh? Go Sarah. I better keep to my housekeeping. My 4 kids have slowly sucked my brain cells. I think I'll go take my mulit-vitamin and chug some Omega 3-6-9 to enhance what brain power I have left.