Who put a quarter in this one???

I'm not sure who did it, but someone has put a quarter in Natalie. She has spent the last couple of days copy-catting everything Ella does & says. Sometimes she copies what I say. This morning Ella is at preschool. I sat down to eat a little oatmeal, and Natalie runs up, "What are you having? (which comes out more like ah-ving)" I told her, and she said, "I have cereal...in bowl...with milk on it...and spoon??!!" Then she came back for more "I have more cereal? Could I? Could I, could I?" Such a chatterbug for a little girl who just turned 2. My favorite with her as of late, has been her rendition of "Oh how I love Jesus." It just goes on and on, never getting to the "Because He first loved me" part.

Which brings me to the tear-jerking mommy moment of the week. We had some storms roll through on Saturday night, and as I was putting Ella to bed, she was starting to traumatize over it. Then she said, "Mom, do you know who can keep us safe from the storm? God can." Regaining my composure I told her she was absolutely right. So I told her when I was a little girl, I prayed to ask Jesus into my heart so he would always be with me. She kind of ignored me, but then said God was in her heart to keep her safe. Well the first thing she did Sunday morning was tell the woman at Sunday School, "And it was storming last night, but I don't have to be scared because God is in my heart to keep me safe." So sweet, and such a good reminder for me of what it means to have faith like a child.


A Mommylogue

The other night we were at our Bible study, currently studying the book of James, and we were talking about the way we often get so wrapped up in things, but when you stop to pray, God just takes care of it. It was then that this picture came to mind like a tap on the shoulder:
So often I will ask my girls to do something. They will hem and haw and fuss their way through it. "But....but...but..." By the time they are done, they could have done the task 20 times. I will often say to them, "if you would stop fussing, you could be done by now."
How often am I that child? God has asked me to do something, or tried to tell me something, and I fuss my way through? Go through unnecessary heartache? If I would just be still and listen, and then be obedient, I could be done by now.

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. 6 But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind. 7 Such people should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8 Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do.
James 1:5-8, New Living Translation