I love my children

Last night we met Brian & April for dinner in St. Cloud, which was long overdue and very fun. My mom brought the girls back here and put them to bed, and Ella said, "Grandma, thank you for staying with us until Mom & Dad get home." She's such a four-year-old. I love that.
Here's my help request of the day: Looking for a cute, reasonably priced bigger backpack for Ella for preschool. I like having one that's personalized so there are no mixups. Any ideas? Right now I'm thinking potterybarnkids.com, lillionvernon.com, landsend.com or llbean.com


Amy said...

Sorry, I'm not help with kids' backpacks. Glad to hear you are doing well!

Amy said...

So, I bet you still love your children, huh? I know you haven't posted because you fear we all will think you don't love your children anyomore, right?