Crunch, crunch

The leaves are finally crunching again! After a week of rain, gloom and sog, fall is back where it's supposed to be. Fall is my favorite season, and I'm stealing my friend Jersey's blog technique --
5 things I love about Fall
1. The crunch of colorful leaves under my feet (makes me feel like I should be at Fall Retreat again).
2. Honeycrisp apples (have you tried these??? YUM)
3. I can drink hot tea again. I'm mostly into the red teas these days. No caffeine, no bitter taste, but a lot of flavor.
4. Clothing options. I love that I can wear a skirt, jeans, long sleeves, short sleeves, jacket, sweater, flats, heels, socks, no socks... We're past the heat of summer, but not into parka weather yet and there's no ice to slip on.
5. Pumpkins! Pumpkin pie is my favorite of all the pies, with cherry coming in second. I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bars, pumpkin candles. I think I would love the pumpkin spice shake at Culvers if I could get myself past the calories (I am by no means a calorie nut, but the small shakes are over 750 calories, which is a little outrageous when you're trying to stay in the 1400-1600 range in a day).

I'd love to hear your favorite fall thing. I mean, you know fall's special -- it's the only season with two names.


Amy said...

Oh, to be at Fall Retreat again. We probably need Storybook Lodge more now than we did nine years ago!

I love knitting. Between now and Christmas is the only time I do it. And I love pumpkins, not eating them as much as looking at them on my front porch.

And football season.

jersey said...

A Friday Five, huh? I'll have to try that some time. ;-)

It's a tad strange now living somewhere with, um, subtle seasons, but fall was always my favorite season. It breaks the heat of the summer, and the air just has a different feel to it. I love the leaves, indian sumemrs and football. It also marks the fact that the holiday season is soon approaching - Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas.

It also does mean that winter is soon approaching, which is certainly bittersweet.