An update on that procrastinating issue.

I'm sure I've mentioned, but Ella's in dance. And I maybe mentioned when she performed for the first time (two dances for the grandmas & grandpas at a nursing home), I was at my mother's cutting her no-hem pants with an hour to showtime.

Tonight, weather permitting, Ella will dance at halftime of the high school basketball game. She is to wear her poodle skirt. The one that's too big. The one I need to somehow fix so it's not so big. It's 1 p.m. We need to be there at 7. I need to give her a bath in order to do her hair. I have some work to get done as well. I'm just pointing out that I don't seem to be heading down a better path than last time.

Of course, living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, it's possible there won't be a game. It was -10 when I checked at 9 this morning, and -34 with windchill. The opposing team is coming from 1 1/2 hrs away. Perhaps they'll decide they'd rather not come. I'm not sure what to wish for at this point. Their dance class is so cute, it'd be fun to watch. But it's also going to be insanely cold, and staying home under blankets with tea in hand holds some allure.

In any case, I'd best do something about that skirt because if it falls down around her ankles it may be the end of dance class. She has already asked if everyone watching the game is going to laugh at them. I think I managed to explain that yes, people might laugh a little -- but just because they think they're so cute. Did I mention home ec was not my strongest class?


jersey said...

Good to see you had time to post on your blog, though.

Anonymous said...

You still have over an hour until game time...nothing to worry about. How long does it take to take two big safety pins, pinch in the sides and pin (from the inside of course so that it LOOKS sewed). Oh, and what's Home Ec?

--Southern Belle Wannabe