Good story

There just aren't enough stories told in the world about people doing good things. The woman in this story is married to someone who works at Brennan's company.
Worth reading.


If only I lived in a shoe.

I have never felt so old. I had worship/music/praise team (whatever, I went to sing my little heart out to Jesus) practice tonight.

Moment of oldness 1: So this 12 yr old drummer is playing with us for a couple of songs this week. He's really very good. He's introduced, he's going to play with us, I say, "Rock on!" He looks at me like I'm his Grandma. I mean, I'm hoping he was just really nervous, because he never did seem comfortable, but the look he gave me was sort of like, "You're kidding, right? Rock on? Tell me you're kidding." Newsflash to myself: I am not the recent college grad on the team anymore. I am a mom figure.

Moment of oldness 2: So I'm stepping down from the platform (I don't like to call it a stage, but that's what it's like). Just walking down 3 steps like a normal person. My knee pops. It hurts bad. The pain goes away, but now when I try to walk like a normal person, my knee gives out. It's like it popped out but never back in where it's supposed to go. If I straighten my leg, it feels like my kneecap is not there it belongs. I probably won't be able to exercise anymore, or I'll have to modify things. I'll probably have to get a knee brace -- not even for sports -- just to wear, everyday that I want to walk across the room.

Moment of oldness 3: I get headaches with changes in barometric pressure.

Moment of oldness 4: Sometimes at lunch I enjoy watching CNN.

Moment of oldness 5: It's 10 p.m., and I'm exhausted.

Moment of oldness 6: I would not give up my minivan for any other car.

Moment of oldness 7: I complain about gas prices.

Moment of oldness 8: I discuss driving routes. "We took Highway 55 instead of the freeway today..."

Moment of oldness 9: My right wrist has hurt since Natalie was born (she turns 3 in a month). I can't do a pushup, because I can't hold myself up on that hand. Not that I want to do pushups, I'm just saying it's irritating.

Moment of oldness 10: 30 is only 47 days away.



I used to think it'd be fun to see what my girls will be like when they're older. What kind of teenagers will they be (so frightening)? What will they look like?

Now I'm realizing, I'm looking at it. Ella has new pj's. They're stripey pants with a raglan t shirt. So she'll wander out anywhere from 7:45 to 9 in the morning. Hair everywhere, totally groggy. She plops herself down and watches a show.

Lately when something upsets Natalie, she hangs her head down, and walks briskly to her room. She shuts the door, sits on the edge of her bed, feet on the floor and cries.

Today I checked my email and sighed -- more changes to make on a job. Ella asked me what was wrong. "Oh nothing -- Mommy just has more work to do." So she asked me how much work it was. I said about 20, since I have about 20 things to get done. "Ugh...that will take a long time." Such a little grownup.

Their teenage years will come too fast for me anyway, but I'm really struck after this weekend with how old they seem, as we approach 3 & 5. I'm praying for the presence of mind to enjoy what I've got when I've got it. It will be on to the next before I know it.


In case I never write it anywhere else...

Cute things the girls have been saying lately:

Natalie had me put a toy back together for her. "Is it good as new, Mommy?"

While watching Ella's new favorite show, American Gladiators, with both blue teams winning Ella says, "Mom, I guess it's a tough day for red."

"I want the jammies with covers on them." Natalie referring to footie pj's.

"I want a helmet on it." Natalie asking for a lid on the straw cup.

Reading Winnie the Pooh, Natalie says, "Look Mommy! It's Christmasfor Robin!"

Ella: "Is it Valentime's Day yet?"