I used to think it'd be fun to see what my girls will be like when they're older. What kind of teenagers will they be (so frightening)? What will they look like?

Now I'm realizing, I'm looking at it. Ella has new pj's. They're stripey pants with a raglan t shirt. So she'll wander out anywhere from 7:45 to 9 in the morning. Hair everywhere, totally groggy. She plops herself down and watches a show.

Lately when something upsets Natalie, she hangs her head down, and walks briskly to her room. She shuts the door, sits on the edge of her bed, feet on the floor and cries.

Today I checked my email and sighed -- more changes to make on a job. Ella asked me what was wrong. "Oh nothing -- Mommy just has more work to do." So she asked me how much work it was. I said about 20, since I have about 20 things to get done. "Ugh...that will take a long time." Such a little grownup.

Their teenage years will come too fast for me anyway, but I'm really struck after this weekend with how old they seem, as we approach 3 & 5. I'm praying for the presence of mind to enjoy what I've got when I've got it. It will be on to the next before I know it.


Libby Design said...

I TOTALLY hear ya on this. Yesterday I was sitting here thinking to myself "how one EARTH is Carson TWO already???". Time just goes by SO fast with kids. I was talking to my Mom about this the other day and she said it'll be no time at all until Carson's asking for the car keys. YIKES!!! That makes me want to curl up in a ball on the floor and CRY!!!! Guess it's a good reminder to enjoy every second we get with them. :)