Amoxicillin for all!

Ella started the trend at our house. After a couple of sleepless nights due to gunk, I took her in. Amoxicillin it is! Chewable. And the failed codeine laden cough syrup which I already wrote about. In a few days, she was back to full 4 yr old force. By Monday, Natalie had the gunk. So much coughing. I don't know how she could even breathe. And this is where I love a small town clinic -- called the NP, and they called in a prescription for Natalie. Must be bubblegum flavored liquid. In any case, I have no problems getting either of them to take their medicine. They can't wait. "Can I have my medicine? Do you have medicine for me?"

So I call yesterday. I have gunk. I get my prescription called in. I get nasty tasting horse pills. No candy coating. No flavored chewables. No bubblegums or cherries. It's so nasty, and the taste just lingers. I'm really hoping to feel as good as Ella did, as quickly. Then it will feel worth it.