Buffalo, elk, and bears...OH MY!

The first week of June, we loaded up the van, stocked it full of movies and headed west. By "we", I mean me and the girls. And a borrowed Shelby. Brennan had to stay and work on The Project. It was a trip to celebrate Mom & Dad's 40th anniversary. Mom and Dad shot off ahead of us so Dad could get in a few rounds of golf (and probably the idea of poking along didn't appeal to him). So our caravan was Brent, Lisa, Jeremy, Colin & Daniel in the Tahoe and me, Shelby, Ella and Natalie in the van. With walkie talkies. Roger that.

We spent a night in Bismarck and then Billings. Then we met up with our parents in Red Lodge (after a quick stop at the Candy Emporium), and headed into Yellowstone hoping to see a little wildlife. All I can say is:






All in all, we saw hundreds of buffalo, some elk, a black bear (spotted by Ella first - she was SO proud), 2 grizzlies, big horn sheep, a coyote, and a wolf. It was the most wildlife my parents had ever seen in the many years they've been going. We had a great trip!