Ah, nature

I'm going camping in an hour or so. No, really. I am. Even though "roughing it" to me is having to plug in an ethernet cord because there's no wifi. I'm sleeping in a tent. On the ground.

Our small group from church thinks camping is fun. They are actual campers. People who will have their meals planned out, and saved in a cooler. People who camp a couple times a year. Somehow, we have made it work that we're camping 8 blocks from our house. And with Captain America having been gone all week, I have been in camping denial. Which leaves me here. 3 p.m. on Friday. My tent is set up. My also non-camping sister came to the park and helped me choose a spot (thank you!). Maybe behind this tree. Too hot. Picked up tent and brought it across the road. Something shady. By the stream to drown out the sound of the neighboring reunion. Turned the tent to get the breeze through it. But being non-campers, who knows.

Now, my tent is set up, and the sleeping bags are inside it. You'll notice I'm back at home. Blogging. Nevermind I don't even have hot dog buns for tonight. Or the muffins I'm supposed to bring. Or a stitch of clothing packed. But guess what? I'll be 8 blocks from home. I'm COMING HOME to shower. I am. Really, it's a courtesy to our fellow campers, saving hot water & shower time for them. So I should probably go now. Go to the store. Figure out what we're eating. Pack up a cooler. Find some jammies for everyone. Proper campfire clothing. See if I can't track down a bottle of bug spray. Some sunblock. Make some lemonade in the giant...drink cooler thingie. Oh for pete's sake, what am I doing here?

And furthermore, any ideas as to how I can sneak home at night to watch Olympics are welcome.


Chic Shopper Chick said...

Hope your camping trip was successful! My idea of camping is an RV with air conditioning and cable. Yes, I don't enjoy going to nature as other do. Too many bugs!

Plus, my experience camping when I was in the Girl Scouts likely scarred me for life.