One last week

This is it. Just one more week. Wednesday night we have open house at school. I've filled out the paperwork. I'm getting ready to write the million dollar check for lunch, snacks, school tshirt, flouride treatments, and whatever else it is.

The teachers are over at school getting ready -- I can see their cars in the parking lot. I'm not a stalker. I can see the parking lot from our house. As the summer was drawing to a close, I thought I'd be beating down the door over there. "I see you in there! I'm sending in my kindergartener."

But now that I've filled out all the papers, and we've packed her bag full of her school supplies, I'm freezing. Can we just stop time? I know she's going to have a lot of fun, and love school and her teacher. She'll make all kinds of friends (most likely boys). But still. I remember so vividly bringing her home from the hospital. Looking at my squishy little baby and wondering how on earth to parent. Wondering what to do with a baby.

In just over a week, I'll send her off all day, every day. I know it's time. We're all ready. But it definitely makes me think that I will blink again, and she'll be off to college.

Please enjoy my back to school Haiku:

She's leaving for school
First time all day, every day
So happy, so sad

And for the record, it's me who's so happy, so sad. She's giddy. It'll probably rub off on me.


kmm0305 said...

Hi! I came across your blog from reading comments on "Big Mama". We used to live in MN for 7 years and loved it (our oldest was born in St. Paul) but moved away 4.5 years ago. Still miss it at times and I often pretend I'm still a Minnesotan. I also have a 5 and 3 yr old girl--mine started kindergarten last Wednesday. One thing I miss about MN is starting school after Labor Day! :) Anyway, I was trying to figure out where you lived by your posts--do you live further north by a town that starts with an A or a smaller town close to that that starts with a G? (Don't want to totally call out towns, some people don't like that info out there). Anyway, I'll be back to read more, I'm sure we'll go through some of the same things this year!

The Lone Female said...

This made me cry. Sam went back to school today and even though he's done the all day, every day thing before it still made me sad. I can't believe Ella's in Kindergarten already!

Tor said...

yes, i was asking my little brother last night about his impending first day of kindergarten. he is excited for school, but not for "having to get up late." uh, you mean early. "yeah, eaw-ley. you don't have to get up late because you already went through all the levels, but i'm just starting because i'm a kid. that's not fair." uh, dude, i think you mean getting up early. "yeah, eaw-ley." a kid after my own heart...sleeping late. or early?

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Awww,I totally know what you mean. I don't handle it well sending the new ones to school, I cry sooo hard lol