Hunkered down

That's how we spent Christmas. Hunkered down. Natalie ended up with a bladder infection (Happy Holidays!), so we spent the days before Christmas running around to the clinic and pharmacy. Also, preparing for the Great Christmas Blizzard of Oh-Nine.

In the end it just rained here. But that led to ice, slush and who knows what else, since we didn't actually go outside. Captain America worked from home on Christmas Eve because of the ice. So we all stayed in Thursday and Friday. The girls wore jammies for a good 72 hours or more. Clean jammies every day. But if Natalie's home, she's wearing jammies. Even if it's just for an hour.

It was a very relaxing Christmas. The girls were definitely feeling the spirit. It was lovely. They were really excited about the gifts they were giving, especially each other, which was nice. So much "I hope you like it!" and "This is my favorite!" followed by Hallmark-style hugs. Just lovely.

And then it was Saturday. And we'd been cooped up together since Wednesday afternoon. So we decided a little chaos would be nice and we went to walk around the mall. And Natalie cried that her legs were tired. Before we even got in from the parking lot.

By Sunday afternoon, I think Captain America was counting the minutes til he could go back to work.

No school til January 4! How exciting! I am already planning some errands for as soon as he gets home from work today. ALONE. Santa brought Caribou gift cards, and I know how to use them.


gretchen said...

Sounds like the absolute opposite of our Christmas! Ours was crazy, busy nuts, but still fun. I envy your quiet!

Libby Design said...

Peyton and Natalie sound like two peas in a pod...JAMMIES FOREVER!!!! :)