Hey reader.

I'm just assuming there's probably just one of you left by now. And it's probably my sister (who knows what I've been up to anyway). I was going to tell you that I was taking a little bloggy sabbatical, but that's probably obvious since I haven't posted in nearly a month. Funny, one of my resolutions was blog more.

I've had plenty of ideas swimming around. Loads of half-written posts in my head. But when I sit down to actually write them nothing happens. I guess everything seems a little silly.

Perhaps after a few more days of my mood lifting with the mercury, I'll be back. Not that it will be better or interesting, but if you happen to drop by Ye Olde Blog, there might actually be something here.

I'll leave you with the latest kid story. Today the girls begged for cold lunch. "Can we PLEASE have lunch boxes??" So I made them some lunch, and for an extra loving touch I put little notes in. Isn't that fun? Won't they feel loved?

After school I said, "Did anybody have anything interesting in their lunch?" Ella said, "I did. A note from you..." {insert me waiting for sweet response} "...that was embarrassing. Other moms don't put notes in their kids' lunches. But it's ok...at least nobody saw it."

Yes. Well. At least nobody saw it.


Carol J said...

Glad to know you -- and your sense of humor -- didn't get buried under all that snow! Missed you, my dear.

Jessica said...

I'm still here!!! Reading away!!!
And I am trying to take advantage of Kindergarten where I can putt hings in the lunchbox without being embarrassing. One of Dillon's fellow kindergarten friends already finds me embarrassing and I'm not even her MOM!!! Yikes!!

Dillon has told me a couple things I can't do though because it would be embarrassing. Oh well.

At least he still prefers my lunches to hot lunch.

StillH2o said...

Remember when your dad wanted to go somewhere with you wearing white, of all things, tennis shoes?

StillH2o said...
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