I blame it on Nita

I get lost in books -- novels in particular. In an almost unhealthy way. Like a children using me as a jungle gym and I can't help but turn the page kind of thing. I'm usually stuck in the middle of some sort of historical Christian romance that's 7 books long. This time it's a series by Kristin Billerbeck, and I blame it on Nita. Nita is a very dear friend of mine who has just up and moved to North Carolina with her family so that her husband can attend seminary, and one week she handed me this book and said I had to read it. As her moving day got closer and closer, I decided I'd better read it quickly so I could give it back to her and tell her I liked it. I had no idea.

The book is "What a Girl Wants" by Kristin Billerbeck. I enjoyed this book like nothing I've ever read. If I had the patience and talent, this is the book I would have wanted to write. It is so real, and so funny. I completely appreciate the main character, Ashley Stockingdale. Ashley is living a real person's life, just trying to figure out what on earth God wants for her. I can't even say much about it. Just please read it. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion, which is sort of embarassing when your husband already thinks you have issues with novels.

I'm taking book 2 "She's Out of Control" on a trip later this week, where I will actually have the chance to read it without children climbing on me or demanding that they need silly things like food & attention from Mommy. It has taken all the self-discipline I can muster to not open the book until I arrive at my destination.

I miss Nita, by the way.


SouthernBelleWannaBe said...

There's something satisfying about someone else enjoying a book as much as I do...plus it makes me feel less guilty for the times I get totally immersed in my books. I know, I know, self-control in all things. But a good book in hand makes me salivate. And add chocolate to that and it's lethal! Glad you like the series and I'll keep you posted on other great reads I find.

Miss you, too!!!!