Rainy Reflections

What is it about rain that makes you feel reflective? We haven't seen rain in a long time, certainly nothing that will actually help our lawn grow back. So of course on my way home from church today with the munchkins, I started to think about the rain. It seems like even when you're in the middle of a drought, every rain makes a difference. And it doesn't have to rain long before you start to see the benefits. No matter how much I run the sprinkler (never enough by the neighbor's standards), it's not the same as a good rain. Which got me to thinking. I can try and make it rain in my life, but that's just me trying to have control and make something happen. No matter how long of a spiritual drought you have, you reap the benefits immediately when you are back in the fold. The wonderful difference, is that we don't have to wait for the spiritual rain. We just have to ask.

Heard a wonderful sermon today about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. We are smart, but are we wise? Knowledge is what you know, wisdom is what you show. The pastor also asked how our lives would be different if we relied on the Bible as much as our cell phones. Use it in an emergency. Check it several times a day. Don't leave the house without it. Go back if you forget it. Always have it on a trip. Check the text for messages. (Immediately went to the Super Wal and bought a wee little Bible to weigh down the mom bag some more. Decided I'd better get to memorizing so I don't have to carry it with me. In the meantime, weight of tiny Bible will be a good reminder of the goal.)

Time to drop my own agenda, and let God rain and reign in my life.


Amy said...

You are amazing, Sarah Murphy. Now I get the pleasure of reading your wit and insight more than once a year, when you send out the all-too funny Christmas letter.

Let the blogging begin.

Amy said...

It can't possibly still be raining there in Glenwood? Is it time for a new post, perhaps about sunshine?