I love the internet and I'm raising a bilingual child

I love, love the internet, and I'll tell you why. I have spent January re-establishing contact with long-lost friends. Between myspace, email and the blog, I am having a fabulous time. Just this morning I got a comment from my dear sweet Shawna on my blog...it's been just ages, and I was so thrilled to see pictures of the little munchkins! My good friend Nita keeps me posted on her NC adventure, which I love reading about. I love catching up with what Amy has been doing.

I adore talking on the phone, but I have reached a phase of life where I don't want to call anyone. As soon as I reach for the phone I start thinking "Is she busy? Changing a diaper maybe? Is it naptime?" I don't know anyone's schedules, and it just makes me so hesitant to call. Honestly, I don't know what my problem is, since I love when people call me. So I love being able to keep up with people. I love feeling like I'm still in the middle of people's lives. I'm learning to seek out joy, and right now, the internet is one of the gifts I am thanking God for.

On another note, I am raising a bilingual child. Natalie has a deep love for all things Dora and Diego. She's almost 22 months. The other day at the doctor's office she wanted to climb on the table, and looked at me, "Suben?" Now, she's not getting the tense right, but she isn't in English either. Then yesterday morning she got in a box and said, "Push me Mommy?" I had to sadly explain to her that Mommy can't, because Mommy is now old with back injuries. So instead she got out, and started pushing it herself, "empujen, empujen." I haven't had a Spanish class since 1995, so I know I'm probably not spelling it right. But still. Spanish for push. All I can say is, Noggin really is like preschool on tv.


Anonymous said...

Someday our children will look at us with disbelief when we say we grew up without internet just like we can't believe the things our parents went without. I would be lost without the internet--literally! Mapquest.com gets me to all my new destinations here in NC. Oh, and there are other perks of the web that I use every day; weather.com so I can see what the weather is like witout stepping outside, abebooks.com for all my reading needs, isc.ro for my Scrabble addiction, and ebay or overstock.com for just about anything else. Now when will my computer start doing my laundry and making dinner? (I do have to say that as much fun as it is to find great deals online, there is still nothing as good as physically S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G, as long as you don't have to have all the kids along. And chatting with strangers online? Creepy. The intriguing person from myspace my actually be a crazy neighbor next door...BEWARE!)

Maybe I should have my kids watch Dora for Spanish. Or maybe they'll pick up on Greek when they help dad study for his tests!

Shawna said...

Ahh, so fun to catch up with you, Chica! I feel the same way about the internet, reconnecting is so much easier, phones have always been my downfall. :) Your girls are just so beautiful!