Can I have a time out?

It's only 8 am, and today patience seems less and less like a virtue, and more like an impossible dream. Natalie was up several times last night (Brennan got up with her), and then up at 5:45 for the day (my turn). Natalie screaming at 5:45 woke Ella up as well (in another room with the door closed). The morning thus far has been a series of whiney cries, followed by me begging to know what will make her stop, followed by more crying, and Natalie ended up in my lap. She didn't want a waffle, she didn't want cereal, she didn't want anything to drink, she did want an animal shaped pancake but we didn't have a giraffe, she doesn't want a hippo, she doesn't want an elephant, she wants Diego, she doesn't want Diego, Ella has the doll and she wants it.....I think you see where this is going. So it's one of those days, and it's only 8! Now Natalie is pretending to be a tiger, and Ella is crying because she's scared. Of Natalie.

So here's my question: can I please have a time out???? They say you should go by age, and that means I'd get 28 minutes. Alone. If we round up, I could have 29. At least it's Saturday, and that's my shower vacation day. I tend to take a really, really long scalding hot shower on Saturdays because we're not rushing to get anywhere, and I will literally enjoy the hot water so much I'll forget if I've washed my hair yet. It's like a little vacation. I'm not sure our hot water heater can keep up with the shower I need today. It could take hours. Especially because I just got a new Philosophy body wash, in chocolate dipped strawberries. Bon voyage....the shower is calling to me....


Shawna said...

I love it. Time outs for everyone! When it was nice out I had virtual cigarette breaks which helped, after all how long does a cigarette take to smoke, I'm guessing at least 5 minutes, which in non-smoking terms is a lot of uninterupted, non-cancerous fresh air. Due to fears of frost bite, I have been limited to our pantry closet. Not as affective or refreshing(sort of stinky actually, what is in there anyways?), I can still hear them pounding on the door screaming, but I'll take what I can get at this point.