A post worth sharing

This concept seems a little foreign to me, but I have started reading the blogs of people I don't even know. It seems really weird, because I think of my blog as sharing with people who know me. But a good writer is a good writer, and worth reading. This was a link shared by one of those blogs, and it just seemed to good not to share in this season of excess.


The Doublemint Gang said...

I do that too. It gets really creapy when you start leaving them comments. Which I've also done, shhhhhh, don't tell.

Rach said...

That was funny...and inspiring. How did you stumble upon it?

I am enjoying reading your blog also. I never got to know you well enough at UMD to realize how witty and funny you are... thanks for entertaining me while I am at work, where I spend much time alone with not much to do besides monitor the front desk. It helps to have something fun to read!