That will be one chicken and a bag of corn please...

Natalie had her 2 yr appointment today. Yes, I am aware of the fact that she is 2+8 months old. Thank you for the gentle reminder. She was the ultimate patient. She headed straight for the scale, kicked off her boots and climbed on. She let the nurse get her height. She sat still as could be while the nurse took her temp and listened to her heart. I was so relieved.

Then Dr. S came in (FYI, Dr. S was my pediatrician as well), and I was reminded why I live in a small town. As he's running down the list of potential "environmental risks", he sort of skips over and answers for himself the "does anyone smoke" and "are there any guns in the house." He gets to lead, and I say I don't think so. "Well, I don't think there would be in your house." Because he knows where I live, and around what time the houses here were built. Then I tell Natalie we'll have to drive by Dr.S's fabulous Christmas lights soon. "Actually, I didn't have time to put them up this year." "What???" I say. For as many years as I can remember his house has been on our personal drive-by light tour. "I know. I've heard about it. Someone complained to Wife at the grocery store."

At this point, Dr. S starts asking about her developmental progress. Does she string 2 or 3 words together? "You mean like 'Ella's being so fwustwating?', yes." So I'm all proud of my brilliant child. He asks Natalie if she likes to talk. And my perfect patient gets down on the floor and starts hopping like a bunny. Then a frog. Then she starts crawling and barks like a puppy. I guess I'll hold off on Mensa testing for now. But perhaps it's time for acting classes.

The nurse came back then and gave Natalie a flu shot in her thigh. It was over before she knew what hit her, and she just whimpered a little -- sort of in shock. The nurse chuckled as Natalie limped out of the room. Yes, perhaps acting classes are in order.

I'm already sort of dreading Ella's 4 yr appointment next week. And yes, I'm aware she is 4 1/2. I'm doing my best here. She has already announced that she will not be having any shots like Natalie.


Marylisa said...

I have laughed a hearty laugh at your title. I feel it was especially for me.

Libby Design said...

First of all, I still haven't done Carson's 1 year pictures and he'll be 2 in Feb., and second of all, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with an "above average" 2 year old. :)

Love the stories about the kiddos...keep 'em coming!