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Ok, so for some reason today and throughout my life I keep remembering lines from the 1990 movie Crazy People. It starred Dudley Moore & Darryl Hannah. He's in advertising, and has sort of a breakdown and starts doing campaigns with truth. Winds up in a looney bin and they all do advertising together. It's just hilarious. I had to share some of the lines from it. It was on my mind today when I thought a good slogan for a hospital I'm working on a form for would be, "Hospitals ... we're pokey." It speaks to both the pain, and slowness.

Anyway, I actually had to watch part of this movie in my Media Theory class in college (see Kayla, I do remember something!). I think one of the funniest parts was when Dudley Moore's character says, "Let's level with America!" and the people he works for say, "We can't level with America! We're in advertising!"

Here are some slogans from the movie:
-Come to New York, there were fewer murders than last year.
-Come to New York, it's not as dirty as you think
-United, most of our passengers get there alive.
-Volvos, they're boxy, but they're good.
-Forget France. The French can be annoying. Come to Greece, we're nicer.
-...and if we fold, you'll have no phones. AT&T: we're tired of your crap.

I often thought of it while working at the newspaper too. Like how the Real Estate ads always claim a house is "cozy." Yeah, just say it's small. Although I saw the best Real Estate ad in the classifieds this week. No joke -- "We're tired of the lake." They were selling a trailer or something on Battle Lake.

In any case, I just had to share those. Feel free to comment if you've seen or heard an advertising line that just cracks you up, I think we could all use a laugh today.


The Lone Female said...

I still love the pregnancy test commercial that claims the new digital test is "the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on". Yeah, that's pretty straightforward!