The Sixth Sense

People talk about a mother's sixth sense, or mother's intuition. Or your mother having eyes in the back of her head. I think I've experienced this to a degree. I can hear one small sound come from a bedroom, and know they're doing something they're not supposed to be doing. I think it's the child's sixth sense that has been ignored.

How do my children who have been playing quietly in their rooms know that I'm now on the phone, and it would be a great time to run out screaming? How do they know that I have just applied the 5 minute leave-in conditioner, and now would be a great time to try and kill each other? Or perhaps, when I have shaved half of one leg? And I'm in the shower, so I can hear just enough noise to worry me, but not enough to figure out what's going on?

Somewhat along these lines is my worry of what is probably to come. This week we were in a public place, and a good 10 feet away from someone who must have been a very heavy smoker. I was just holding my breath waiting for Natalie to say, "Mom, what's that 'mell?" Particularly because that public place was the quiet library, and the girls were having some trouble keeping quiet to begin with. I was just waiting for her little voice to carry over the whole place. We made it out, but it's only a matter of time. Ella seems to notice more when people are different, and I've managed to stifle a few "MOM! Where's her other leg?" enough to explain about the situation, and why we don't yell it.

Anyone have any embarrassing moments to share? Or close calls?


Kate said...

Evrett--being a boy--is obsessed with his boy parts. Also with surprises; lately he often hides something behind his back and then pulling it out and saying "its a surprise, its a car! or etc". The other day I watched Laci's kids for her and as she's leaving I hear Evrett saying "Look Mommy I have a surprise . . ." and giggling madly. Laci starts laughing and I turn around to discover his 'surprise' is that he has pulled down his pants and underwear and is showing me his penis. Lovely. Can't wait for that to happen in public.
Also yesterday he decided to pee in the back yard while the neighbors had company over to lay a new patio--pants around the ankles and the whole scene. Ahhh, boys.

Shawna said...

Yup, Emma said very loudly in her squeekiest, shrillest voice, "Mom, that lady has a baby in her belly!"

I said, "No she doesn't."

Libby Design said...

I've got a story to share from our recent vacation to Florida. Our second day at the beach Carson and I were walking along the beach looking at shells. All of the sudden I hear him giggling and yelling, "Mommy, look..." he was pointing, so I look up and there walking down towards the water about 10 feet from us was an overweight man in a SPEEDO. Then Carson says, "...he have underwear!" Of course the guy looks at me and we made eye contact. Um, yeah, awkward!!!