10 Deep Dark Secrets

I got tagged! It's my first tag! Courtesy of my friend Aimee over at Libbyland. So apparently I know must share with you 10 Deep Dark Secrets about little old me. I'm sure my 5 readers will know most of them.

1. I used to play sports. Softball, track, volleyball. Long, long ago. I also used to downhill ski and bike. Really very long ago.
2. I don't like heights. My stomach flip flops when other people go near an edge. I wasn't bothered by them growing up, when I had my immortality. Now it's a problem.
3. My ears used to be pierced 10 times, 6 on one side 4 on the other.
4. I was on the speech team in high school. One year I was in poetry, and did really awful feminist poems (not that all feminist poetry is awful, but these were). I sort of relished when one of the guys from our team was in the same round as me, because I'd stare right at him with the evil eye and watch him try to crawl under his chair. I'm sorry David.
5. I thought Brennan enunciated too clearly when I met him, and therefore couldn't imagine dating him. Until the next day.
6. I have always had a love for shoes. In high school I once counted and had 75 prs.
7. I never wanted to live in my hometown again, and now I do -- and I even like it.
8. I want to learn to play guitar.
9. I went to a Concordia Language Village camp in high school for a month to learn French. (GEEK!)
10. I have three tattoos, so far...

Ok, I will tag Beef Trifle, At least we know, Jersey's Musings, Schneid Remarks and Wiethoff Family Journal. Let's dish.