Guess again

So you know those days when you think you're sort of getting it together? I was having one of those.

It's chilly, but I sent the girls in the backyard to run obstacle courses of their own making and to draw with sidewalk chalk. They were thrilled that I suggested it, instead of having to beg and beg. Off they went. They ran around, made some drawings. I kept an eye on them and got a couple of things done. Then I braced myself -- it was time to come in. This is why they beg me to go outside, because I have to beg them to come in. It's a fight. There are tears. Sometimes for all. "Ok girls, go run around the back tree and then come in." They did. No arguing. Tears of joy.

It was a little windy as well, so I thought it'd be best to give them a quick brush before they laid down on the snarls. As I'm brushing Natalie's hair, I come to a major snarl. What on earth??? I take the section of hair to examine it -- DOH!!! Bird. Poop. GROSS.

So my tidy little playtime followed by my quick and easy lunchtime was scrapped for bath time. With a double washing.

On a side note: Sweet potatoes are my new favorite. Butter (well, Brummel & Brown), brown sugar (ok fine, it's brown sugar substitute), cinnamon and a little ground ginger. Thank you, Kayla, for making me get one at Whiskey Creek, and then telling me it'd be easy to make them at home.


Becoming Me said...

Oh yuck! Well, you got good blog fodder from it...

Aimee said...

Lovely. Doesn't get much better than that!