I can't bear to take the tree down.

Maybe it's that we're never ready right after Thanksgiving for the tree, so ours goes up later. Maybe it's that I don't like to let Christmas go. Maybe I'm just lazy. I think it's the middle one (I am lazy - I just don't think that's my issue with the tree). Our tree is still up. I easily want to leave it up for another week. January is bleak enough, must we take down the festive tree?

Plus, the girls are home all day with Christmas break and it seems like a shame to take it down. We're not even done celebrating Christmases yet.

Speaking of Christmas break, my children are crazy. Today they've been wearing swimsuits, and trying on all my shoes. Mostly just the heels. Then they built forts with the kitchen table, and they're still wandering around in swimsuits.

I think maybe we might need to get out of the house a little bit.


Tracy said...

For what it's worth, we never take our tree down until after Epiphany. After all, the three kings still need to visit :-).

gretchen said...

It's bad luck to take it down before the Epiphany - January 6th!

My sister-in-law Niki swears that the cut off date for the tree is the Super Bowl!

Anonymous said...

i hope it's down by now.

it's definitely time.