Remember when I was thankful?

I mean, I'm still thankful. But we went out of town for Thanksgiving and I totally imagined myself sitting in front of my parents' fireplace with a mug of cocoa blogging my thankful heart out. Not so much on that one. If for no other reason than my laptop has given up being portable. I must remain plugged in at all times. Which somewhat defeats the laptop purpose.

Dear Economy:
Please pick up, so I can buy a new laptop.

Then we came home. And Natalie immediately contracted the plague. You see, my Natalie is a delicate flower. If she's off her sleeping schedule (HELLO, spending the night at alternating grandparent houses and All The Excitement), I can nearly guarantee you she will get sick. Yesterday I took her in to the doctor who said, "Looks like H1N1, but let's do a throat culture for those little red bumps in the back of her throat." Sure enough, Mini-Me has strep. She's definitely perking up though, because today she has become the Demanding Sickie. "MOOOOM! I SAID I wanted some YOJ!!!!" As you wish, Your Highness.

I'd like to clarify my thankfulness of my problems. It's not that I'm saying, "Yippee! I have problems!" I mean, we've been having an impressive ordeal with selling our house, and it has stressed me out here and there. But I'm so thankful that these are my problems, and not something horribly worse. So many people are going through way worse situations. I need to keep things in perspective. So really, my problems are hardly worth whining about. I wish that actually stopped me.

I'm planning to keep being thankful even though Thanksgiving is done, and I challenge you to do the same. I won't be posting it as much, but I'm going to keep a little journal of it for myself. Because nothing puts a kabosh on stress like reminding myself how good I've got it. Or a good chai. And, I'll be honest, maybe a glass of wine.

I leave you with this sad little face, post-doctor's office. Please remember that today she is fever-free and barking out commands like she runs the place.


gretchen said...

Just so you know, I totally got the "thankful for my problems" thing from the beginning.

Hope strepgirl heals up fast!

Emily said...

Well, is it wrong to say that I am glad its strept throat and not the flu...at least there is an antibiotic for strept throat!