Pardon the tissues.

Please excuse our tissues on every surface. We are all sick. Except Captain America, of course. Superheroes don't get sick. I am diagnosing it as "Spring Crud." It started with Natalie, then Ella, then Natalie again, then Ella again, then Zoey and me. There's a fever that comes and goes willy nilly. There's gunk. And apparently when you get as far into it as Ella and Natalie are, you require boxes of kleenex. And the girls have watched enough television that they request Puffs. With lotion. It has been my joy to teach Natalie about brands and logos. And things like we call them all kleenex, but sometimes they're really Puffs.

I feel like we haven't slept in weeks. Someone is always up. "My nose won't stop running." "I can't stop coughing." "The skin around my nose is very dry." "Wah." {translation: I need my nuk, and please fix my swaddle}

But, much like the grass out there, I press on. Spring is here. There may be a stumbling block of more snow, but Spring is here. And while Winter and I are not really friends, it does make me appreciate Spring and its new life and resurrection. Even when that new life gives us sniffles.


April said...

My kids have done the same thing! We are in Georgia and I think it started with our allergies, but it is really irritating nonetheless.
By the way, I have a sweet little niece is named Ella. We are trying to get her to say her name, but it sounds like the guy on Megamind answering the phone, "ollo"!