Well this is interesting...you know...for me

It's been a little hectic around these parts lately. Not like it hasn't been hectic at your house, too. I'm sure it has. How's it going? Better I hope?

Zoey is almost 6 months already. I know! Where has the time gone? She's made some developments. There's a crazy amount of rolling. And she's doing a very modified crawl. She's not strong enough for a formal crawl yet (because she's tiny and not very old), but she likes to get on her stomach, lift up her little bottom, dig her toes in and propel herself forward. Which usually means sliding on her forehead. But a girl's gotta get around, doesn't she?

Yesterday Natalie (still 5) changed Zoey's diaper. She begged me for the chance. I had to hold the little wiggler's legs still for her, but she did a great job. And she wants to help out like that more often. Natalie gets a gold star for the day. And my undying gratitude.

Last night after a series of mildly unfortunate events, we found ourselves heading out to eat. We went to the giant buffet. Which on some level, always makes me a little sad. But the kids eat food when we're there. And that's a really important part of going out to eat. While we were there, Natalie decided she needed to find the restroom. And Ella decided that she needed to be the one to take her. Okay then. So Ella gets a gold star for the day. And also my undying gratitude.

All of these things are making the prolonged winter seem a little easier. I'll see green again. Someday.


jersey said...

It's your blog. Isn't it always about what's interesting to you? ;-)