Oh that's right. This is what a Minnesota winter is. As I drove to Target today, it was -15. The wind chill was in the -40s. What I found most amusing, was the number of people who left their cars running today in the Target parking lot. Did they have 2 sets of keys so they could lock? Did they just leave running, open cars in the lot for the taking? Of course, this is a trusting area. We always know out-of-towners at the Pizza Ranch because the women take their purses with them to the buffet. I always leave mine on the table to reserve it. When I was at Joann Fabrics today, a woman left her purse at the fabric measuring area, and went with a store clerk to look at something, her husband started to follow her and said, "Do you want me to grab your purse?" "Nah. It's fine." This is why I live in a small town.

The cute moment of the day with the girls: I invited Ella to go shopping with me, so she could pick out her Valentines for school. Natalie needed to stay home, as she's been a little under the weather again. Ella asked, "Can Natalie come?" I told her not today. "I think I'll stay home and play with Natalie." So they both stayed home and played, and played and played.


Amy said...

Oh, that's so sweet what Ella did and said!

I can't say that I really miss 40 below windchills. The highs in Utah are usually around 30 degrees which as you know is quite nice.

I do miss the badge of honor one receieves from withstanding all that MN has to offer in the wintertime; people here complain about the cold. C'mon people, it's not that bad!

I've always thought that Glenwood would be a lovely place to live. But it's probably not going to be our next stop.

Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor told me the other day that NOW we must be getting Minnesota winter weather because it is soooooo cold here (40's). I had to tell her that 40 degrees is really a NICE day for MARCH!

Coming from the small town mentality, I'm super paranoid in the Big City. I'm sure every other person is going to try steal my purse or car or kids. I even lock my filing cabinets in the house and take my purse up to my bedroom at night. They'll have to steal my purse over my dead body first! What is exercising common sense and trusting God with the rest, and what is living in fear? Hmmmm.