Potty. This post is not for the faint of heart.

I'm not going to say that Natalie is potty training, because she's not really. But she likes to do everything Ella does, and Ella uses the potty. So yesterday, Natalie used it twice. This morning she came to me and said, "I poop." So I said, let's go sit on the potty. Natalie said ok, and I was thrilled when I took off her diaper -- we'd made it! So she sat on the potty. Then she stood up and said no. So I tried to put her back on the potty, and she panicked and stood up. She said she didn't have to go. Chaos ensues. (this is the part not for the faint of heart) I start to grab her diaper, when poop falls on the floor. She refuses to sit down, I grab poop with some toilet paper and toss it in the potty, and suddenly, she pees all over herself, and then more poop. Now's when I give up. This moment can't be salvaged. I start the bath, and put her on the rug while I clean everything up. Rug? Have I learned nothing? She pees on the rug. You're kidding. These are the moments when my former life as a newspaper employee almost looks good. ALMOST. Soon she'll say something cute and sweet and I'll forget all about it. Now I will be afraid to ever take her diaper off again.


Amy said...

Laugh out loud! So glad to be reading all the little joys I might look forward to if we ever decide to adopt.

Anonymous said...

I was shaking with laughter! People don't mention to new moms that they'll be dealing with a lot of poop... for years!

Enjoy the good and the dramatic!

Kate - Starbuck to Luck to Mpls.

Shawna said...

That's definately something to share with everyone at her 16th birthday party! I sort of feel your pain, one time we were stripping the kids for their bath and Josiah peed on the floor, which scared him and made him cry, which sent him running into my arms for a hug, which got pee on me, which made me jump, which made him cry more,which led to me holding him for 10 minutes in which time he peed 2 more times on me, while I just sat there paralyzed, which made me want to cry and take a bath.