What is going on here?

Today is another day. Natalie hardly survived the morning she was so exhausted, and she fell asleep sitting up at noon. So she napped for about an hour & a half. This is really not a legitimate nap for that girl. While she was napping, Ella consented to rest time, and fell asleep (yay!). Natalie is up now, and is deliriously cranky. I have run out a lengthy list of options for her to eat, drink, do -- all to no avail. She's just whiney crying again. Finally, I asked about the Hyland's teething tablets, and those she did want. She seems to have calmed enough to at least start breathing normally. When she opened her mouth in a scream, one molar appears to still be working its way through, and seemed sort of swollen. Teething pain would explain the restlessness at night, lack of appetite, and generally poor attitude.

In any case, now Natalie's up and Ella is sleeping. Meanwhile, it's reaching the mid-30s outside, our first reprieve from lung-freezing temperatures in so long I can't even remember. And here I sit. Inside. Watching snow melt outside. And the very moment Ella wakes up, I'm sticking the two crankpots in the car so we can get a carwash.

By the way, on Saturday I got my time out! My loving husband sent me to my room for a half hour. I had a chance to read my Bible, and refocus my day in prayer.


Amy said...

I think our husbands might tie for the best husband ever award.

Sorry to hear things have been so frustrating with the girls these last few days. I simply do not think I would have the patience.

We're not planning on kids at this point, but if indeed some were to come our way, I wouldn't doubt that Jim would be the full-time dad.

Keep on, my friend!