It's all in the attitude

Luke 1

Lately I've been wondering about Zechariah and Mary. With a quick read, it seems like they're both questioning the angel Gabriel. But Zechariah is rendered unable to speak, and Mary is called blessed. I'm sure this is something everyone else has noticed, but there is a difference in their attitudes. What Zechariah essentially says is, "Seriously? Prove it." But Mary says, "How does that work? Ok, I will trust God." It's not the question of how that gets Zechariah in a little trouble, it's the doubt. Before I can even work on having Mary's attitude, I need to get to the place where I'm really listening to God. I need to be able to hear His voice.

I am absolutely in awe of Mary. I haven't seen her the same way since I became a mother. I can't imagine if God sent an angel to me, promising to bring me a scandal, changing everyone's view of me, and turning the life I thought I would have upside down, that I would respond the same way. She is able to focus on God's will, and what will bring Him glory. Historically I understand that Mary was probably much younger than me, but must have also been much more mature in her faith. I pray that in whatever God would have me do, I am able to say, "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said."

Merry Christmas -- and may you find Christ at the center of it all.