Oh virtual friends, I have a confession. SHHHH. Between you and me. Or you and I. Certainly my sister the English major will help me out there.

I like dogs. I do. My dog and I were inseparable when I was growing up. I loved that dog. I am partial to medium-sized and smaller dogs. They're nice, when they belong to other people and don't bark.

Captain America and I have vowed to live a dogless life. We want our freedom to go away for the weekend without finding dog care (not that we do that, but we COULD). We don't want to worry about the dog needing to go out (even though I work at home all day). We don't want to pick up dog poop. I don't want dog hair, or dogs jumping on couches and beds. I don't want dog smells. I REALLY don't want a dog that doesn't ALWAYS do doggie business outside.

I say this to remind myself, I don't want a dog. I do not. Want. A. Dog.

Despite the fact that S.'s mom brought their insanely cute lovie puppy to preschool today at the end of the day, and Natalie was chasing him all over outside and was in doggie love and it was enough to put a tiny chink in my I-don't-want-a-dog armor and I think Natalie sensed this and added "Mommy? It would be so fun if S. came over to play and brought her doggie Max..." Ouch. Kid, you are killing me!

I don't want a dog.

I think maybe Max was a Bichon. Please tell me how awful these dogs are. Even though this one let half the class pet him all at once. Without nipping or barking.

I don't want a dog.


jersey said...

Yeah, you're not getting any "no dog" support from me. A dog is by far the greatest addition to any family.

Angela Merrithew said...

Well... you could get a cat, and although it's not the best situation, in a pinch you *could* leave for a weekend and they'd be Ok.

Marylisa said...

Between you and me.

I worked with a bichon at Katahdin. Cutest stinkin' dog ever, and I am a cat person. I have been watching for one on petfinder.

Marylisa's uncle said...

You already have two kids and that didn't satisfy your urge to find poop in unplanned places?

Anonymous said...

Sorry...however, I've given into puppy love. We are getting our puppy on Valentines Day. And every lunch hour guess who's gonna have to come home from work and let puppykins out? Yep. Me. Still, kids are dying for one and I'm kinda excited too..

Patty said...

Don't do it!!! Don't give in!!! After surviving the last loss of a pet that was part of the family I vowed to never do it again. I told each of my children that when they had their own places to live I would supply the dog of their choice. And I do NOT do grandpuppy sitting!!

Aimee said...

Oh boy. Carson says at least twice a day "Mommy, we need a puppy or a baby. Which one can we get." Somehow when I say "NEITHER!" it doesn't go over so well. What's up with kids and puppies (and babies for that matter!!)?

I'm a huge dog fan, too, though. We had to labs but thought our oldest was allergic to them and had to give them up for adoption. I was in mourning for MONTHS. I still tear up to this day when I talk about it. Highly traumatic. We'll get another...someday...