Welcome to Narnia!

Before Aslan comes. The land of eternal winter.

It's snowing. Again. It started at 7 a.m., and at 7:45 they decided to close school at 9 a.m. It starts at 8. So Ella went over for an hour of school. Which I suspect was a little book & puzzle time, followed by breakfast, followed by get your things back on you're going home. I didn't attempt to take Natalie to preschool, because they usually close when the schools do.

So I'm home. Shoveling. Listening to the high volume of fighting. Or playing. It sounds so alike these days.

I have made The Announcement. I will not be listening to fighting all day. There will be no screaming. There will be no crying. If you need something, you will ask for it nicely.

They have gone to the playroom in the basement. What does this tell you?


Aimee said...

It tells me they finally realized "DON'T MESS WITH MOMMY!!!". :)

The snow has finally started down here. I went into Target with my cute 'lil puffy vest on over top of my sweatshirt and came out thinking "Oh crap, where's my parka". So yep, let the good times roll!

Soliloquy said...

It tells me they are bickering with their inside voices.

I love me some Narnia. Except for the winter part.

How are you holding it together enough to blog? No doubt, the grace of God.