Thankful III

I am way overdue on a Thankful list. And I'm feeling like my attitude has shown it.

So. Back at it.

Today, in this moment, I am thankful for:

Music. I love music. Favorite songs & artists change by my mood. I love what a good song does when I feel reflective. Or the way it can bring you back to a moment with the first few chords. I'm on our church's praise team this week, and we're doing a song I don't think we've ever done before. But the song was on our constant playlist for Intervarsity when I was in college (Shoutout to the IV peeps -- it's "Light the Fire" -- the "Don't let my love grow cold" one). So just like that I am time warped back to my sophomore year and Mike is breaking guitar strings weekly and Schreiner is coming up with amazing bass intros and the room is full of people who can't get enough Jesus and then we're going to Applebee's for appetizers and I can vaguely remember what life was like before it got so busy and there was no plan past next week. Within about 4 chords. Amazing.

Tea. I can't say it enough. I blame my recent cold on the fact that I stopped drinking tea for a while. I'm scraping the bottom of the Teavana tin, and this is not good.

Captain America. I am really very lucky.

My job. As stressful as it can get to try and work from home with a demanding 3 yr old running around and her and the 5 yr old screaming at each other when she gets home from school, I am so thankful for this. I was struck with it this morning how lucky I am to be drinking pretend tea and eating pretend fries with ketchup while I typeset forms. (Thank you to Kelly @ Love Well for reminding me today that there's another way of looking at things)

Internet and my imac. This is what's making it possible for me to be home. And it's what makes it possible to keep in touch with friends (real and cyber), thereby saving a shred of my sanity. And, hello, online window shopping. I heart you.

Betty Crocker's low fat brownie mix. Hello sweet chewy deliciousness that I justify with the words "but it's low fat." Thank you, Monica, for introducing me to this life changing brownie last summer.

A few days of warmer temps. After over a month below freezing, we had a few days of high 30s. Tropical, I know. And the rain did some damage to the huge amount of snow that was piling up. Only now it has all frozen. And we had 3 falls on the short walk to school today. But that's ok. It was warmer than freezing for a little while.

Dearest readers, I am thankful for you. Few though you may be, sometimes a little blogging is therapeutic. And never fail when I'm in a quandry someone comes to my rescue. Awww...group hug!!


Soliloquy said...

And I? Am thankful for YOU. You are always such an encouragement. I admire and appreciate your authenticity.

Hang in there. Nuthin' beats Spring, Summer and Fall in MN - and it's on its way!!

Tammy said...

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