I'm an accident waiting to happen.

I'm starting to feel like I attract accidents. There was the near accident with the school bus. And now the accidents have come out in full force.

This weekend we went down to our new place to scope it out. Great news! I only need to eliminate a basement-worth of stuff!! Anyway, I discovered I had boatloads of work to do on Sunday afternoon, so we hightailed it for home instead of staying til morning. Cue the longest trip ever. First off, with two small children a 4 1/2 hour drive is no longer 4 1/2 hours. We need potty breaks. Snacks. Dinner. And then, I came up on this. Some guy felt the need to u-turn through the median (you know, right in front of the sign that says not to), and clipped a tanker full of gasoline. Nine hours later I rolled through, and it was just opening up. I still had to sit and wait for over an hour to drive a mile.

I was totally with the people leaving comments on the article about how he should be cited and what an idiot, etc. Then I found out he was 87 and from Missouri. Now all I can think about is my great uncle. At one point when he was older he ended up going the wrong way on a freeway in the Twin Cities. He hopped the median to get back the right way, ended up on the shoulder and stopped his car. If I remember correctly, the police had to drive him home he was so shaken. And I think that was the last time he drove. Maybe this guy was an idiot -- I don't really know. And maybe he missed his exit and got so scared and flustered he had to turn around RIGHT NOW.

Today I was on my way to the bigger Lake Wobegon, and I witnessed a 3-car accident on the highway. Three cars were in front of me, and a car attempted to turn across our lane. While the first two cars were in it. As it started to turn I automatically took my foot off the gas because I could see it was going to be an accident and I would need to pull over. Glass flew, cars spun, plastic chunks of car scattered about the road. I called 911, but stayed in the car because I had Natalie with me and there were other people already stopping and helping. I stayed and waited til they had most of the people out, and I could catch the attention of a Sheriff's deputy near the edge to leave my name & number. Word on the street (small town -- I'm Facebook friends with the aunt of one of the drivers) is that everyone is okay.

I'm done with all these accidents and reminders of the brevity of life now, thank you.

And now I have some packing to do.