I am 32 flavors and then some

Or I'm just 32. But it's a lot more fun to give it a theme song. I'm not sure if you prefer Ani Difranco or Alana Davis' cover. I like them both. It's making turning 32 seem a lot cooler.

Let's see if I can come up with 32 things about me. Because I am a shameless, "look at me! it's my birthday!" kind of person. It was actually hard when I stopped for a donut this morning and the woman behind the counter asked how I was to not say, "Great! It's my birthday!"

32 Flavors of Me!

  1. The #1 Billboard song on the day of my birth was "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees.
  2. My favorite cake is marble with chocolate frosting. But I'm hardly one to turn down dessert of any kind.
  3. I don't like ice cream with cake. It makes the cake soggy.
  4. My favorite donut is a custard bismarck with chocolate frosting.
  5. My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.
  6. My ideal birthday would include zero day to day responsibility. Just some leisurely shopping and maybe a pedicure. Lots of eating. So today I may look for maternity clothes on ebay and see if I can't fix up my chipping toenail polish.
  7. I'd be happy to wear a birthday crown.
  8. I have crazy skinny fingers. My wedding ring is a 4 3/4. And it's a tiny bit loose. For now. Til I get more pregnant.
  9. I would like to learn to play guitar. But it hurts my tiny fingers.
  10. I don't drink coffee. It hurts my tummy. I am a delicate flower. But I love a good chai latte or other kinds of tea.
  11. I have a degree in Communications. Not Mass Comm. Communications. "Let's talk about talking..." Sometimes I wish I'd gone for graphic design since that's actually what I do now. It'd be helpful. But for fun I would have done History. I think I was a History major for a few weeks. After I was an English major for a year.
  12. I finished my 4 year degree in 3 years. Yay for summer school! Honestly, if you're going to live in Duluth, MN for the winter, you have earned the summer. It's beautiful.
  13. If I weren't watching my caffeine intake, I'd drink sweet tea by the gallon.
  14. One of my favorite birthday parties growing up was loading up a mini-van full of friends and going to my favorite places. Electric Fetus. Ragstock. Can you feel the pseudo-angst?
  15. One of my other favorites was when I turned 17. My parents bought a tea party at a local historic house on a silent auction, and that was my birthday party. I invited some friends. We dressed up and had tea & scones with devonshire cream. And little tea sandwiches! I love little tea sandwiches. One day I'm getting a hutch to put my teacup collection in, and I'm going to have tea parties with little sandwiches.
  16. Every year of my life I have expected a surprise party. Every year. For as long as I can remember. When I turned 21, Captain America and our friend Amy threw one for me. They did a stellar job. I had no clue. Amy called and invited us to her place for our weekly 90210 viewing. People had parked blocks away, and they'd hidden the shoe pile. I was so surprised that I must have gone into some kind of ugly shock. Where I looked unhappy about it. Which I wasn't. Not even in the least. It was a fantastic thing. But I must have looked it, because he has vowed never to throw one again.
  17. I think I crave the spotlight, but often when I actually get it it makes me uncomfortable and I'm not sure what to do or say.
  18. I think Spring is a time for road trips.
  19. If I were to do a "career switch," I'd like to be a personal shopper.
  20. Even though I knew Captain America had a ring, and I'd been expecting the Big Question for months in every slightly romantic moment, I had no clue when he actually started to propose. I remember when he started to talk I thought, "Aww. That's really sweet. I'm lucky." But I didn't realize where he was going with it. Apparently he has a knack for surprising me.
  21. I'm a hobby abandoner. It was all I could do this weekend to keep from buying a sewing machine. "I could make myself new curtains! And little sundresses for the girls!" I would never actually do it. I'd just buy all the stuff. And then it would sit in a box. And I'd have to buy new curtains anyway.
  22. I've been perusing maternity clothes on ebay. I'm looking for some sort of balance between the Britney clothes and the Michelle Duggar clothes. It doesn't seem to exist. At least, not on ebay. Or in a price range I'm willing to consider for clothes I'll wear for less than 5 months.
  23. Heights make me nauseous. My stomach will flip if I see another person near an edge.
  24. I'm a hyper-paranoid mother. When Ella was a baby and starting solids, I broke her Cheerios in half.
  25. My favorite pregnancy thing is feeling the baby move. I'm just starting to get little movements now.
  26. I got a few comments on my tattoos after my last post. I have 3. One on either side of my stomach, and one on the small of my back. A blue rose, a butterfly and some floral vine-age. My next one will be a large, big girl tattoo, the width of my lower back. Or an ichthys on my right foot. Remember how I said I have an addictive personality?
  27. When I was 17, a boy I dated said he had a friend that would do the tattoo for me. When I walked into the guy's house, there were a bunch of people playing cards & smoking around the kitchen table. Apparently I was to get tattooed on that table. Where he was squirting ink into soda bottle caps. VETO. Instead my mom took me to a real tattoo place, and debated theology with the artist whilst he had a needle to my abdomen.
  28. In high school, I had a love for vintage. Especially 50s dresses. And Jim Morrison, James Dean and Natalie Wood.
  29. I actually like maternity clothes when the time comes. No more sucking in the gut.
  30. I don't like getting manicures. I don't like having my cuticles cut and I don't like when the polish doesn't go all the way across the nail.
  31. I am apparently very particular. In my "old" age. Or I always have been, but I'm just noticing. That's probably more likely.
  32. I panicked about turning 30 starting when I turned 25. What a waste of 5 years. This year I get a theme song!
Whew - how bored are YOU? Well, I really appreciate you reading my enormous list, and don't blame you if you didn't. Sadly, I could have done more. I'll save it for next year.


jersey said...

Not bored - just shucking responsibility for a few minutes. ;-)

In all seriousness, my favorite blogs are the ones where people open up about their little idiosyncrasies. Those are the things that make us who we are, and it's a great way to see into someone's true personality - and you've got a great one.

Happy birthday!

gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!! You're still a baby! Loved learning 32 things about you.

Jessica said...

Dear Long Lost Sister...
Would you liked to know how many of these I identify with?

I think the next time I have to write a list about myself I am going to have you write it. It would certainly be accurate!!!

Happy Birthday Dear!