And now I've jinxed it. But for today at least, it is Spring. Even in Minnesota. It is 51 degrees right now. Last Thursday when I took the girls to school it was -17. Welcome to Minnesota.

Captain America brought to my attention that some Southern Friends think that when you say "-17" you mean "17 degrees below freezing." I just want to make sure y'all understand (see how I'm trying to make you feel at home? Y'all?). When we say "-17" it means "negative 17 degrees." As in, below ZERO. Just as it was on March 12. That's Freeze Your Face Off cold, people.

In other news, it was an exciting weekend for me. It'll be boring to you, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Saturday Ella and I ran some errands in Slightly Bigger Eastern Lake Wobegon while Natalie took a nap at home and Captain America worked on fantasy baseball. We dropped some things off at a thrift store. We drove around a little. Then we had ice cream at Dairy Queen. "MmmmmmmmMMMMM...Deeelishush!!" Then we went to a different SuperWal. We came home and I gave the girls baths after popping in a pan of enchiladas I made a couple weeks ago and had frozen. I felt like SuperMom.

Sunday I got up prior to the crack of the new daylight savings dawn. Had to be at church at 7:30. I got to go to Caribou inbetween practice & the contemporary services with some other music team peeps. I ate a youth-made cinnamon roll (or I inhaled it. I can keep it real.). When I was done around noon I headed home, ate a quick lunch (and, yes, another cinnamon roll. back off.). Then I loaded up the girls to take in the high school's Wizard of Oz while Captain America had the fantasy baseball draft he'd been preparing for lo these many days.

Which totally brought me back to my drama dept. days. Only I don't recall SELLING OUT THE SHOW. The girls and I were the last 3 in, and I'd venture they sent 25 or so home. Glad we made it in because the girls had started crying when I told them I didn't think we'd make it. Did I mention we were 20 minutes early? It's not like I got there at the last minute for once.

Anyhoo. I was so impressed. The kids did a great job (and made me feel old thinking of them as "kids"). And Toto? Really Dorothy's dog. Looked like Toto from the movie. The dog was like a well-trained movie dog. Even Natalie, who loses interest after an hour of a movie (even in the theater) was riveted the entire time. All 2 1/2 hrs of it. Luckily Ella had been to see it with her class on Thursday, so she knew when it was going to get loud and would tell Natalie to cover her ears.

After the movie I pushed my luck and we went to Target and McDonald's. But they were really pretty good the entire time.

Which kind of makes me want to take them on a vacation...


Marylisa said...

Load up the minivan!! We're in!!

StillH2o said...

I could go, too.

Anonymous said...

I want to go too! Do you think we can work in some time to explain more about that -17 deal though? Maybe a graph or something y'all? That is so weird!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could go bring that graph directly to your southern friends. Show them in person, catch some rays at the same time.

And there is fantasy baseball? I thought it was only a football thing. We're not so sporty around here. I have much to learn.

Kate said...

So 2 weeks ago it was -17, last week it was 50, and is it snowing there today? On the first official day of spring? Hope it hasn't ruined your hopeful mood:)

Eli's Lids said...

LOL about explaining the freezing thing. I had never thought about it but I think I would have thought of it as 17 below freezing... a concept I can't fathom!