* sniff * {COUGH, COUGH} hack WHEEZE

I've got a horrible Spring cold. HA! That implies it might be Spring. Instead, we got another blizzard today. I'm not even exaggerating, weather.com says it's a blizzard. Underneath this new dump of snow is a nice layer of ice. Our ice melting salt is gone. Stores aren't selling it anymore. Because it's MARCH. Thank you, Minnesota.

Natalie went to preschool for a couple hours today, then they called and said when it started to snow could we please pick up our child? Sure enough, she had to be picked up about an hour early. Ella's school only went til 11:25, but it didn't matter. She was home "sick" today. She has caught my cold and was up all night coughing. Which means I was up all night with her. While Captain America and Natalie blissfully slept through it all. So I let her sleep this morning, and she looked tough for the first couple hours after she finally got up. But by afternoon she was tearing all over the house again. Occasionally stopping to cough up a lung.

This cold has beaten me down. The cough has been awful. Hack, hack, HACK, choking, CAN'T BREATHE!, hack, hack. I slept on the couch most of last week because it was the only way I could get propped up enough to sleep. So tired. From coughing? From not sleeping? Just from the cold itself? Went to the doctor Friday and she declared it a really bad cold, but not yet bronchitis. It's improved a bit since then so I've avoided antibiotics.

Captain America injured his elbow this weekend rough housing with Ella. So the shoveling was up to me today. March snow is much heavier than December's.

I'm thinking perhaps a couple of Tylenol PM and an early bedtime are in order.


Aimee said...

Ugh, I hear ya on the March snow thing - I shoveled our whopper 3-car-garage driveway this afternoon and I can already tell I'm gonna pay for it in the morning. Hope your cold goes away soon...and all the snow!! Enough already!!!

Emily said...

I hear a night-cap-o-whiskey does the trick too! I believe my mom called them "hot totties".

Soliloquy said...

From the mouths of babes:

My 9 year old said to me today, "Mom, nothing beats summer in Minnesota."

You will have earned it, girl!

Hang in..... the seasons, they do change!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

My husband swears by Vodka & OJ plus Theraflu to beat the cold and get a good nights sleep.

Hope ya feel better!