Oh, March. Don't do me wrong.

It's March. Not that you'd know it looking around Minnesnowta.

Natalie needs a nap. But here's how that's going today.

"Mama? I need a warmer blanket."

"Mama? I'm too warm, I need shawts."

"Maaaaahhhm? Am I done yet?"
Me: Nope.

So I go in.
"Mama? Did you know that leprechauns hide gold from people? And if you catch one, you get to keep their gold! And Mama. Guess. What. Their favorite color. Is green."
Me: Ok, honey, go to sleep.

"Am I done yet?"
Me: Nope.

"Maaaaaahhm... I need you to come in here..."
Me: What's up?
"Mama, do you want me to tell you more about leprechauns?"
Me: Nope. After naptime.
"But Mama, I'm not tired."
Me: I know. Go to sleep.

Etc, etc.

Friday after the Big Snow and the Big Bus Scare, I got the most wonderful box in the mail. It was from Jessica over at Bits & Pieces. I'm lucky enough to know her in real life too. She sent me a Box of Sunshine.

How cute is this? That just made my week. A little note on Sunshine paper. And all those sunshiny yellow goodies. Wrapped in yellow tissue paper. Just because it's been so snowy & gloomy. I emailed Captain America and told him I'd be back the next day, because I needed to drive the 4 hours one way to go give that girl a hug. In real life I didn't go, but I did think about it. And if she lived 4 hours south of me instead of slightly north, you would have had to physically restrain me. Anyway, Jessica, you are a treasure -- here on the internet, and in real life too. Thank you!