Ella blogs #1

Yesterday I had Ella write a story for some homework, and I thought perhaps she could use ye olde blog to share it. The only rule was I wouldn't tell her how to spell anything. Which nearly killed her with her spelling compulsiveness. She chose to write about cats. She has even provided an illustration. Enjoy.

Cats, are the thing I no and thay ned woder and food and ned thaer har brusht. and nap. and play. Greta is are cat and we love, her and she is nise to. and I like to play with her to.


Robyn said...

Enjoyed your blog Ella! Greta is a luck cat to have you for an owner..

Katie said...

Ella is 6 right? As in a first grader? That is honestly phenomenal--I can say that without reserve because I know a lot of smart kids. So Way to go Ella!