Miscellaneous Monday

It's 7:30 pm on Monday night. I'm the only person in Wisconsin and Minnesota NOT watching the Vikings/Packers game. Or I'm one of the very few. Captain America went to a sports bar right after work to try and secure seats with some friends. I'm going to find something incredibly girly to watch just to protest.

I just took the girls to the mall for a while. It was incredibly slow there, what with all the football going on. Pre-game. Pre-pre-game. It would have been nicer, if Natalie hadn't been so tired. CARRY me!

Highlight from our evening: Over ice cream with the girls, we're talking about fire safety. It's one of our favorite topics. Which leads to Ella saying, "Mama? You can replace babies. If you lose one, you can just have another one." Not quite, honey.

It's getting chilly & rainy. It was mid-50s, and yet Ella insisted on wearing flip flops. With her jeans, long sleeved shirt and puffy vest.

I noticed today that whenever Natalie wears her new stylish boots, she rolls up her jeans so you can see more of them. That's my girl. It's all about the shoes.

I ate another Tagalongs blizzard. And I wish I hadn't.

I'm so depressed over losing my amazing and wonderful hair stylist by moving, that I'm in complete denial. I haven't had a haircut since June. And it shows. It's not pretty. But maybe if I never cut it, I won't have to come to terms with it. I miss you, Jen.

Would you please pray for Tony? His lung is collapsed, and apparently if it doesn't heal it may need to be removed. Pray for complete healing and restoration of his health, and for strength for his family -- it's been a long year.


Shelly said...

Hey Friend! You are not the only one not glued to the game. I thought I would take advantage of the upstairs to myself and catch up on some reading.

Have a great night not watching the game~

Patty said...

I had the same issues with finding a hairdresser when I moved here. I even blogged about it...funny how we live such similar lives! HAHA! I did eventually find a girl. She is good...but not my MN girl. :(

Beck said...

Praying for Tony.

I had my hair cut recently and I LOVED it and now I no longer love it. Feh.