I even confuse myself.

I don't like beans. Never have. They are pasty. The flavor is not worth the pastiness. I will never be caught eating baked beans. Just, no. And I don't like bell peppers either. Never have. I can manage them in salsa, but prefer not to think about it.

So can you explain to me my new obsession with roasted red pepper hummus? A big bowl of smushed chickpeas (also known as garbanzo BEANS)? Flavored with red peppers. With small chunks of red pepper. And not a little.

I tried it one day and liked it. Last night I bought some at SAM'S CLUB. I am the only one in my house who will eat it. And now I have it in a Sam's Club sized portion.

What on earth? It's just so good.

In other news, the other day Ella was telling me about her Spy Crew. Apparently she's gathered some girls together at recess to be on her Spy Crew. Her words, not mine. She's all nonchalant about it too. "Oh, she's on my Spy Crew." Sounds like the boys have a Spy Crew as well, and I think they battle their spy-ness at recess.

Sayings and swaps from Natalie:
"Yeah, she wants to be my friend."
"It's a special day!"
"on this day" = today (I almost hope she never grows out of this one. So cute.)
"on the next day" = tomorrow


Faith said...

Cute..."on this day" ...sounds quite British, me thinks!

Libby Design said...

Dude, I'm addicted to the red pepper hummus, too. YUM!!! :)

Beck said...

Beans are deelicious - but I was raised up on them, so maybe it's something I'm just used to. There's all sorts of neat bean dips you can make, if you want to branch out eventually from hummus - I make a wicked black bean-jalapeno dip that is SO good.

Alece said...

mmmm... i love (good) hummus! AND i hate beans.