In which I quote Friends yet again

So a couple of weeks ago we had a game night with our small group. Only a few of us could make it, and Captain America stayed home with a cougher so I could go be among the grownups. We played the game Loaded Questions. One of the questions was something about "what kind of pattern is never appropriate on bedsheets?" or something. I tried to think. Puppies? Perfectly good on kid sheets. Sports teams? Again with the kid sheets. Huh. Seems there's something that's going to always work. What's a symbol that wouldn't work? Peace signs? That'd be kind of a tween sheet set. Swastikas. I mean really, never a good idea. And how weird would that be on sheets?

This past week we did a make up game night, since so many people missed the previous week. We started talking about the sheet question from last week, and before my answer is mentioned Captain America pipes up with something about Nazi Germany.

See?? He's my lobster! (I don't know if you've seen that episode of Friends. I try not to think about how often I still bring back a quote or an episode thought from a show that's been off the air forever. If you need a refresher (if you care), click here. I'll wait.)

I laughed so hard I had tears. Honestly, what are the chances he'd think of the same thing? Clearly, we are perfect for each other, what with our mutual disdain for swastika covered bedding.


gretchen said...

Who knew that a story about swastikas could be so sweet!

Soliloquy said...

Would you sleep on sheets with anatomical likenesses printed on them?


jersey said...

That's disgustingly sweet.

Alece said...

ha ha! that's awesome! (and i love that episode)