A week of Thanksgiving! Day 2

There is much to be thankful for today. And I'm going to focus on those things. And not the things that are attempting to make me insane.


I am thankful:

  • That this time tomorrow I will be in the middle of 50 minutes of facial, after I'm done with 50 minutes of a massage (courtesy of a gift card from last Christmas).
  • For mild temps even as we approach the end of November.
  • That I won a Zhu Zhu pet set on a blog a while ago, so we're covered for Christmas (although if you know my children, you know that I need to find one more Zhu Zhu pet. Have you seen the hysteria over the Zhu Zhu pets? If I put this set on ebay, I could make enough to fund our entire Christmas).
  • That I ended up getting to sit on the couch with Natalie for over an hour last night reading books (She's a big fan of the Llama Llama books right now).
  • For the chance to help some college kids out with some green bean casserole today.
  • That God has always provided, and He will continue to do so, out of His infinite wisdom. And that His plan is always better and more complete than mine.
I must remember this strategy for the next time life is creeping up on me. Making a thankful list does wonders for ye olde attitude.


Molly said...

I like reading these. There are several Llama Llama books? We have the red pajama one and Luke LOVES it. For awhile I had to read it at every nap time and every bed time. Good to know there's more!

Soliloquy said...

Apparently it does wonders for your motivation to blog as well.

Hmmm... you might be onto something.

Alece said...

today i am thankful He left us a Comforter...