A Week of Thanksgiving - Day 3

I bet you thought I was going to forget. Because I almost did.

I had a lovely day at the spa today. I had a gift card from Christmas, so I headed off for a super relaxing spa retreat. I'm a person that enjoys entertainment. I like to watch tv. Or listen to music. Or read. And I like to multitask. So just sitting in a quiet room drinking tea while I waited for my massage & facial was really good for me.

I took some time to be think about more things I'm thankful for. Such as:

  • Quiet
  • Tea
  • Nice smells (including the smell of pine trees in the fall)
  • A husband who easily handles the kids so I can do things like go to the spa
  • Driving. I love going for a drive - even if it's an hour.
  • Quiet


gretchen said...

I am so jealous! And I totally identify with having a gift certificate from last Christmas! I recently used one from my birthday in March!